Timing Belt Question

We have a 2005 Honda Pilot. We are the original owners and use it sparingly so it has just 65000 miles. We have kept up on Honda scheduled maintenance. The book says we need to replace the timing belt at 105,000 miles or 6 years. We have passed the 6 years and the local shop is recommending we replace the belt now. Is that necessary??? It is an expensive repair.
McMinnville, Oregon

The cost is anywhere from a few hundred dollars to $1500. Depending on the complexity of the job and what is done. It’s recommended to replace the water pump at the same time. Did the local mechanic quote you a price.

The short answer is yes. Getting the job done around the manufacturer’s recommended interval keeps your vehicle running well. Time takes a toll on timing belts as well as driving use. The risk is inconvenience if it does break, and a much larger repair bill when it breaks.


Yes, it IS necessary.

105,000 miles or 6 years

Whichever comes first

You are well past the 6 year mark

The timing belts do get brittle and crack

Yes the dealer quoted us the water pump and tensioner for around $900

It’s a lot cheaper in the long run to do preventive maintenance now then it is to wait for something to happen.

SO many folks with 5-6 yr old cars with timing belts in denial about servicing timing belts. Ya, well my 67 Buick never needed a timing belt service. Hmm, I know manual SAYS 6 yrs but I drive real slow so my 6yrs of use is not the same as others 6yrs of use.

In your Honda if the timing belt breaks the valves stop moving and the pistons will hit the valves, bending them and breaking them. All this will mean severe internal damage to the motor. So severe that some motors can’t be repaired so you have to find a replacement motor. The repair bill would be $2,500 for minimal damage, and about $4000 for a replacement motor for your Pilot. A broken belt will turn you nice Pilot into something very close to a junker.

Ya, well my 67 Buick never needed a timing belt service

You’re 67 Buick had a timing CHAIN…Not a timing belt.

Driving real slow has NOTHING to with how long a timing belt will last. Years and mileage are the key factors. The compounds in timing belts start to break down after 6 years. The risk of a timing BELT breaking goes once you pass it’s life expectancy. If you have a interference engine…that means that there’s a very good chance if the belt breaks you’ll do significant damage to your engine.

Thank you all for our experience and wisdom. I’ll make the appointment next week.

Hi Maccam,

$900 sounds pricey. We have had several timing belts replaced at a Honda dealership (Odyssey, Civic), inc water pump and idler pulley, and it’s generally around $600.


Please tell me you were being sarcastic

Depends on what part of the country you live in. Here in NH the labor rate is easily $160/hr. Upstate NY it’s about $100. That could easily make up the difference between $600 and $900.

Personally I’d find a good independent. Labor rates are generally MUCH LOWER (here in NH about $80/hr).


“The book says we need to replace the timing belt at 105,000 miles or 6 years”

Why would they bother saying 6 years if they didn’t mean it?

@UncleTurbo, I think @Cavell was kidding.

The days are long gone when you can get a new engine for a Honda Pilot for $4000. Twice that would be more in the ballpark.

you can pay me now or pay me later, that’s up to you. cavell, your buick has a chain . 900 does seem high. i would call around for a 2nd opinion.