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Timing belt issues

Help…a mechanic has my car and replaced my timing belt and water pump…he said he had it running and then it sputtered out and wont start…i have never had a problem with this car. Just replacing before it went out…he is missing something Help

There is just not enough information here to even guess at the problem. Other than that maybe you need a different mechanic because if it ran before the solution shouldn’t be hard to find.

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Car has 100,000 miles on it. He replaced the timing belt.water pump ect.everything a timing belt kit comes with.just told me he had it running and then it dies out and wont start…what information are u looking for? He said he has taken it apart 3 times and cant find why its dying out…he told me he might have to walk away from it ugh…what kind of mechanic says that.

if he hints that he has to walk away from it, I would take him up on that immediately before he inflicts more damage. You may have to pay for the towing, but not the failed replacement.

This isn’t someone who works out of their home is it. The statement (has taken apart 3 times means to me someone does not know what they are doing).

The kind that thinks he is a mechanic but is really just a parts replacer, NOT really a mechanic.

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No he has a shop

There are tests any competent mechanic should follow to trouble shoot this.

First thing I’d do is a compression check. That will quickly tell him if the belt is out on correctly. Although even with compression the belt could be off a tooth or two.

Then check for fuel and spark.

There are other tests to run based on the results of what the other tests tell him.

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If the man cannot determine why the engine won’t start he’s a few classes short of being a mechanic regardless whether or not he has a shop.

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My concern would be that he may have installed the timing belt incorrectly and damaged valves in the cylinder head. The belt chart shows this vehicle has an interference fit engine; meaning that if timing belt breaks OR if someone installs it wrong engine damage will occur.

The main question for me would be whether or not the timing belt was lined up correctly and if not would he 'fess up to it.

While I’m not saying it’s the case here it could be the belt was installed incorrectly, the engine suffered damage upon startup, and the belt was then repositioned in the correct manner.
That would be closing the barn door after the horses got loose because the damage would already be done.

It could be the engine developed a problem that is totally unrelated and this is all coincidental. However, the taking things apart 3 times on a fishing expedition does not bode well.
As others have mentioned, just because the guy has a shop does not mean that he’s a competent mechanic.

Is there anyway to tell if he screwed it up…the car was perfectly fine before this.if he did screw it up is it his responsibility to fix it…

Of course it is, but first you have to confirm he screwed up, which will probably take a tow to another mechanic.

I’d start with a compression check given the situation – and presuming the timing marks on the crank pulley and camshafts continue to align correctly. If the compression checks out ok in all cylinders, it’s probably just some gadget or connection hasn’t been reconnected properly. There’s often a ground wqire for example which provides the ground for some engine sensors that has to be disconnected when changing a timing belt. If that isn’t reconnected, the engine won’t run correctly.

The first thing – after the obvious visual re-inspection of all the gadgets and connections and checking the computer diagnostic codes – is to figure out if the problem is no spark or no gas. Which one to check for first, who knows? Usually I’d check for spark first b/c that’s a little easier to do.

So what I’d do in this situation, compression check, then test for which among spark or gas is the problem.

Update…he did not fix it…he said it is one tooth off and they just cant fix it…hes missing something and i am pretty sure he really didnt know enough about timing belts…

He cant fix it…he says it 1tooth off and cant get it right so hes walking away from it

Sounds like either this guy is an idiot, he doesn’t have the skills, correct service procedure, tools, or patience to fix the problem

Or maybe ALL of the above


Get it towed somewhere else

Keep meticulous records of everything

Have the second shop . . . whoever that may be . . . repair it properly

Then contact the first shop . . . the idiot . . . and tell them you expect to be reimbursed some money, because the second shop did what they could not

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He can’t figure out how to remove the timing belt, align the timing marks, and then re-install the belt?
This guy sounds like a total incompetent!


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How does this shop stay in business . . . is he hoping he gets nothing more complicated than routine oil changes, wiper blades and flat tires . . . ?!


He said he tried and it keeps slipping…:confused::confused:

Thats my guess…not enogh experience in timing belts !!!:no_mouth::no_mouth: