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Does my inner tie rods end need repair?

my 1992 camry has some inner tie rod play. no symtoms of tire wear or knocking etc. two different mechanics said it was okay. when is it time to repair it. my military training always relies on preventative maintenance. i don’t want to spend the money if it is not necessary but i don’t want to break down either. what are the most obvious signs when it is time to get it fixed other than the wheel falling off?

on your tie rods they should have like some kind of bushin right if there not torn or look really bad leave them as is and if you plan to replace them take them to someone that knows how or you will mess up your alinment

Worn inner tie rods can cause the same symtoms as worn outer tie rods. You may feel a vibration in the steering or find uneven tread wear on the front tires. If there’s play in the inner tie rods it means they’re worn out. And worn out components should be replaced before they cause damage to other components.


Your 19 year old Camry probably has LOTS of worn-out parts…It almost certainly has rack and pinion steering so the term “inner tie-rod end” becomes somewhat clouded as this joint can be part of the steering rack and on some cars is not replaceable…How many miles on this car?

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