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Throttle Failure

I took my car into my Saturn dealer after experiencing a problem getting the car to shift from 1st to 2nd gear. I was told the computer read that the car experienced a one time throttle failure. Driving the car now is unsettling because no one can say if this will happen again. Has anyone had any experience with this problem? What is the likelihood that it will prove to be a “one time thing?”

I don’t think that anyone here can say because “one time throttle failure” does not tell us much.

Nor does the OP’s failure to mention the model, model year, odometer mileage, and state of maintenance of this Saturn. Like the police department whose toilet was stolen, we have nothing to go on.

It will happen again, and you won’t have any warning, same as last time. They will not be able to fix it without changing every related part unless they happen to guess right and get very lucky. I hated that type of problem with my Saturn Vue.