Throttle body

We have 05 Nissan Maxima SE, with 19800 miles. Two weeks ago while driving the car it lost power and the “check engine light, TCS and Slip” lights went on. We had to have the car towed to the service. We were told that the Throttle Body that shorted out and the codes were P112/P1126 and P1128. The Throttle Body was replaced and we were told all was fine. About 400 miles later a second incident occured, with the same lights on the dash and all. The tech found the Throttle Body was in “fail safe” mode and the car issued the same codes. Again the tech replaced the Throttle Body and gasket. A multipoint inspection was done and the car came out good on all of the metrics. The car was taken on a road trip after this remanufactured part and good report. Two hundred and fifty miles later miles the car broke down again. As the car was out of state and we wanted the car back in our home state and at the dealer service center, The car was put into fail safe mode and driven back. Along the way the car failed four additional times and was sucessfully put into fail safe mode, except for the last time when it just failed altogether. Has anyone heard or familiar with this problem? We fell there is a larger electrical problem with the car and now the dealer agrees. The car is unreliable at the present time and we feel it is unsafe.

Does this car have drive-by-wire throttle?


Although I am the owner I am not sure.