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Three strikes and she should be out!

Woman in an SUV was driving erratic. I was side by side with her at a light.

Cell phone being held on her ear.

Cigarette in month

Dog in front seat with her.

Now if she could just add a hair dryer…

What, no coffee cup?

Ed B.

Maybe the woman should just slide over and let the dog do the driving. Fewer lives would be endangered.

Next time take a picture and post it here.

What movie was she watching?

Should install one of those train horns for your car. Then, while she’s at the light, honk it, and watch her drop the phone and cigarette on the floor.
Or, just honk your normal horn and when she looks over at you, wave your hands frantically while pointing down at part of her car. Let her pull over, get out and wonder what you were on about. It’d atleast get her off the road for a bit.

Maybe she was waiting to put make up on till she got done with her smoke :slight_smile: