Three problems: 2007 Mercury Mariner

2007 Mercury Mariner , Problem 1, car alarm goes off when in the Sun. I have to leave car unlocked all day , especiall in the Summer. I lock the car at nite and once sun goes down in the summer.
Problem 2 just started. Car tells me left rear door not clossed.
It is clossed . The ligts go on then off , etc. Bells go off.
It does this off and on for 5 mins to 30min maybe 1 hr.
Another tni g is usually when i start the car moving with in 5-10 seconds the doors lock. You could hear the Click. By now it doesnt. Eventually maybe up to 30 min to an Hr. It does lock znd maybe the lights go off and so does wrning about the door.
Whats going on???

There is a problem with the left rear door ajar switch, it is sending a signal indicating that the door is open. If the alarm module sees the open without unlocking the doors it will sound the alarm.

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