Three guys fixing a truck

In a movie I am writing I have two local small town Southern guys giving their advice to a third who has the hood of his truck popped up and is fixing something. They each have their own theory about what might be wrong and how to fix it. What could they be talking about? What kind of truck? A Chevy?

I know nothing about trucks, let alone what’s under the hood. Any suggestions would be appreciated

It would be best to say what kind of movie - comedy vs. action or drama could draw different ideas.

Have them talk about the possibility the the cam jumped time and fight about checking it, you can have it turn out to be the condensor and they get in a fight about all the unnecessary work they did by pulling the timing cover,use a Chevrolet, big tires,rifle rack, dog in bed and girlfriend bringing “sweet tea”.

If it’s to be humerous, the three guys could be simultaneously spouting off all kinds of facts and figures and symptoms and fixes…
all of which are completely different from the other two *.
One pointing to the back, say the brake master cylinder area,
At the same time another is grabbing the wire harness behind the headlights,
At the same time the third is under the front end by the tie rods.

Even if it’s basically a drama, this could be one of those humerous spots between the real action.

  • and none of which have any basis is any automotive fact. Just tech-ISH sounding jargon as in Alan Jackson’s song.

Sharon, Just Take A Minute And Read Some Of The Advice Given To Local Small town Guys With Their Hoods Popped Open, Right Here On This Site. That’s What We Do ! You Should Find The Whole Amusing Dialogue. Choose One !

Post back if you’ve got questions about one.


It’s a comedy, romantic comedy. The one guy actually knows what he’s doing, but the other two are offering advice, because… that’s what they always do. More like, “did you try…” or “bet it’s the…” A repair that wouldn’t take too long, because in the next scene, he’s driving.

got it. thanks

After a good deal of time, have a camera view of an unplugged harness showing that none of them has noticed.
Then the tea toteing girlfriend leans over the fender, glances both ways indicating none of them is watching her and slyly plugs it back together.

The truck miraculously fires right up and each of the guys revels in their individual mechanical prowess in fixing it their way.

Have the scene where the truck won’t run because a prankster stuffed a potato in the exhaust pipe. The Southern guys can come up with all kinds of theories about bad spark plugs, a bad carburetor, broken valve springs, etc.

In one old Fibber McGee and Molly show back in the radio days, Molly and a friend were riding in the car when they heard a tremendous clunk. Molly and her friend got out and found this big round disk laying in the road. Molly assumed that it fell off the car. The two women wrestled this round disk into the trunk. “McGee will fix it”, Molly said. “Mcgee can fix anything”. The car still ran, so the two women drove on home. McGee surmised that the piece was the flywheel. He proceeded to take the car apart, only to discover that he couldn’t get it back together. A policeman comes along while McGee is pondering over what to do and says, “Give us back our manhole cover”.

You might go to your local library and pull some old Popular Science magazines from the 1950’s and 1960’s. There was an article in each magazine titled “Tales from the Model Garage”. There was a fictional mechanic, Gus Wilson, who solved problems that lesser mechanics couldn’t figure out. There were regular characters, Silas Barnstable, who always tried to cheap out, only to have his plan half work. There was a daffy woman named Daisy Allen who had really weird theories about what was ailing an automobile. However, Daisy’s theory would always put Gus on the right track.

You don’t have to know anything about cars to joke about them. Any hot rod type of pickup truck magazine will give you a thousand crazy things to write. You just have to understand humor. A lift kit and 16 Bilsteins can fix almost any problem.