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Thoughts on the 2016 VW Beetle Convertible

Anyone have experience with the 2016 Beetle convertible? What were your driving impressions? Handling? Ride? Power on highway? Comfort? Reliability? The model I have noticed (but have not driven yet) is the base Turbo model, automatic. I appreciate your thoughts.

I had a coupe for a rental last week. It was comfortable and had enough power both on and off the highway.

Thank you for this information. I’m testing one this week and will share my thoughts after.

From what I know…they are nice. They arent cheap so they should be nice… That engine has won many awards so Im sure power will be just fine. You will probably love it actually.


I went looking for specs on the car to find out what kind of tranny options were available and whether the engine was turbocharged. If it has a CVT only, I’d be inclined to consider other options just because they haven’t proven themselves long-term reliable, and if it has a turbocharger I’d want to know ahead just to be prepared to be using 100% synthetic oil.

Sadly, I couldn’t find any technical information on the vehicle. If I were considering one, I’d want to stop at Barnes & Nobles and take a peek at the Consumer Reports New Car Buyers’ Guide. But that’s just me. I’ve probably missed a whole lot of fun in life because I’m a left-brainer… analytical thought dominates over emotion. I really should have bought that Spitfire back in '75. :smiley:

The base engine for this vehicle (as well as the golf/jetta) is a 1.8 Turbo 4cyl that replaced the 2.5L of previous years. It’s a 6spd automatic. Consumer Reports isn’t a big fan of these mostly because they seem to like the Golf more. But if you want a convertible it’s not a bad choice.

I last heard the Beetle is being discontinued after 2018 due to slow sales. Not a reason to avoid it, parts won’t be a problem, but it’s worth knowing.

The 1.8 was Phased out a while ago… They switched to the 2.0 L Turbo I believe…its an entirely new engine…and has won quite a few awards if Im not mistaken. From what I hear people love the 2.0T over the 1.8T

The 1.8T got an undeserved bad reputation for Oil Sludging… Well…Mine has 155K on the clock…and I just did my valve cover gasket a few months ago…and its a nice “Honey Color” under my valve cover. Why? Because I use Full Synth motor oil.

These engines were required to run full synth from the factory…and what did people do? Yup…filled it with less expensive conventional motor oil…and in the process they turned their nice new engine into a “Ready Bake Oven Brownie Maker” subsequently… Conventional Oil in the 1.8T is POISON…the Turbo Cooks the oil into Fudge…and then you have all sorts of horrible issues… Ive seen so many 1.8T’s die a terrible Oil Sludged death…it actually makes me cringe.

Use full synth? No problemos… My engine is spotless inside…there can be no substitutions so…I dont make any.

This reminds me…Its time to change my oil now actually…just hit 7K on the last Synthetic change…lost .5Qts during the 7K mile oil change interval…just like clockwork. There is NADA wrong with the 1.8T…it has more to do with the Nut Behind The Wheel than that engine…poor 1.8T’s…they got a bad rap all from bad operators.


HBB - the 2.5 5-cyl has just now been replaced by a new 1.8, with good reviews on power and mpg. Nothing like the old 1.8.

Oh? They went back to the 1.8 ? I’m betting its an all new design tho? Hmmm, isn’t that something… Thanks for that heads up @texases. Seems I need to look it up. I rarely concern myself with the latest engines in vehicles that I dont own… Other than just a casual glance over.

I tend to become proficient on each engine I actually own and operate…sooner or later I will get to the latest of todays engines…Im waiting for them to drop considerably in price and rack up enough miles to sort out the bugs first LOL… Ok…who am I kidding…Im waiting for them to get less expensive


@ Same ,you didnt buy that Spitfire ?Shame on you (wish I would have acquired a MG Midget ).

I chickened out. I chose reliability instead. :frowning:

I gave my brother my 66’ MGB in BRG paint… 18K original miles… Needed full resto…He used the $3000 of new restoration parts I had inside the vehicle… Now he takes it to shows in CO and its a real head turner. Oh well…thats the only project I ever lost interest in…He did an amazing job too…The car is beautiful now. I lost my brand new heavy duty home made Car Dolly in that deal too… I miss the Dolly almost “Daily” lol


The Beetle seems like it would be a fun car to drive, but historically it has had a very low reliability rating from Consumer Reports.