I want a Volkswagen Beetle Convertible

I am a 59 year old female who lives in Washington, DC. Since I was 18 I have wanted a Beetle. I have been told no that is a car that I wouldn’t enjoy if I had. Also, you must understand I am not a small person and one of my friends laughs whenever I mention it. I am also probably moving soon to NH. My daughter says you would not be able to have a volkswagen convertible in NH as it would live through the winters. Also my wonderful mechanic who works of cars for many of the congressman and works on many many different types of cars says that the car isn’t a good car. Do you have any comments?

You’re talking about getting the new one, right? Do not get the old (rear-engined air-cooled) version. If you’re getting the new (front-engined water-cooled) version, it’ll work fine in NH. You’ll be better off getting an extra set of winter tires mounted on wheels next fall. The Beetle does have its problems, it isn’t the most reliable car around, but if you’ve been wanting one for 40+ years, why not? It’s actually fairly roomy for one or two. Make sure you do not get one with the turbo engine, though, they are trouble-prone.

Are you talking about an old VW Beetle, a classic car, or are you talking about buying one of the newer Beetles currently on the market?

If you’re talking about a classic Beetle I think you probably wouldn’t like driving one in modern traffic. The classic Beetle is ancient technology compared to anything you’re used to driving. An old Beetle makes a nice hobby car to drive occasionally, but I wouldn’t want to use one as daily transportation, especially on the freeway around DC.

If you’re talking about the current Beetle, I don’t see any reason you wouldn’t like one if that’s what you want. The New Beetle has very large door openings and lots of room inside (in the front seat, at least). A friend of mine who is quite large in all dimensions really likes his New Beetle because it’s easy for him to get in and out of.

There are some reliability issues with late-model Beetles, and VWs in general, so your mechanic may be correct there. As far as NH winters go, I’m sure there are New Beetles in NH, and with good winter tires it should be fine. A New Beetle will go anywhere any other front wheel drive car will go.

Either way, classic or new, I suggest you test drive a Beetle Convertible and see what you think. You can take advice and suggestions from anyone you like, but you really should test drive a Beetle and see if it’s really what you want before you decide.

. I have been told no that is a car that I wouldn’t enjoy if I had.

How does someone else know what you would or would not enjoy. I bet they have never been in one.

I am not a small person

Stop by a dealer and try one for size. They can show you the adjustments. That will tell you if it can fit you.

My daughter says you would not be able to have a volkswagen convertible in NH as it would live through the winters.

And your daughter knows this how? There are lots of VW convertibles in NH. In fact it makes more sense there than in Florida where it is so hot in the summer you would never want to put the top down.

Also my wonderful mechanic who works of cars for many of the congressman and works on many many different types of cars says that the car isn’t a good car.

I wonder how many VW’s he works on and if he has the experience to know how to best work on them. Now I will not try to tell you they are the most reliable car around nor the easiest to repair, but they are also not the worst. Frankly most cars today, including the VW’s are very good cars compared to cars we know as kids (you are a few years younger than I.

I have NB (New Beetle, 2002 diesel) and really like it. Almost 100,000 miles with minimal repairs. You mileage may vary.

I seem to recall something about this being the last year for the New Beetle, so if you are looking for a new one, now would be a good time. Note: any used convertible should have the top inspected before purchase to determine if you may be buying a new top before long. this goes for all makes and models.

I’m sure that you will fit into a New Beetle just fine. Daniel Pinkwater stated on NPR that he drove one, and claimed to be quite large. The linked photo seems to bear that assertion out.


Enjoy your new New Beetle.

You are too young to be driving a VW convertible. However, if you think you are mature enough then I don’t see a problem with a VW New Beetle convertible. Convertible tops today are more weather resistant than the canvas tops of the old days. I know one person who has a VW New Beetle (not a convertible)and thinks it is great. I know that Consumer Reports indicates a less than stellar repair record for the VW New Beetle, but you are going to be the one driving the car, not the CR staff. I’m over 67 and I am thinking about purchasing a Mazda Miata.

I had a late Aunt who managed to put dents in her car in the strangest places. One body shop mechanic was questioning her as to how she had gotten one of the latest dents. She replied, “Putting the dents in the car is my business. Your job is to get them out”. Tell your mechanic that your job is to select the car–his job is to fix it.

The “old” Beetle convertible was last sold in the US sometime in the mid 70’s. They had lousy heaters, and were OK then but by today’s standards are pretty primitive cars.

Skip the old Beetle in favor of the modern Beetle selling new today. The convertible version has a good top that is nicely padded and insulated so driving it in the winter is not a problem at all. The new Beetle has a great heater and good A/C as well. Driving in the winter in NH is not a big deal. Some natives swear that the all season tires that come on the car are fine in winter, and other natives feel you’ll need snow tires. You can get the car now, enjoy it in DC for awhile and make the decision for or against snow tires after you relocate to NH.

At 59 you’ve waited long enough. Get the car you want and enjoy it! I’m 60 and I have a T’bird convertible and it I enjoy it, viva la convertible.

Lawd, so do I!!! Now, if we’re talking my real dream car, this is it… Not practical for all the 80 mph interstate commuting I do now, but that’s the car I want for my retirement at the beach, just toolin’ around town. Kayak toting, hm; will have to work on that one. Maybe by then I’ll have a boat at the harbor.

The old, original Beetle (had one once); not the awful fake they’ve come up with.

Retire to Mexico. Chapala or Ajijic, if you have the money for the latter Then, you can have one not too old. They are everywhere. They made them, I think, well into the 21st Century. I am talking the Old Beetle, called the Sedan here.

They can be repaired to new condition. I see twenty and thirty year old ones driven everywhere.

True, not many are convertibles, but all it takes is one.

I see the old Things as well, the one that looks like the German military vehicle. They call them Safari here.

you gonna tow that boat with your Yaris? :stuck_out_tongue: