This song's for you , CSA

Check out 100 Chevrolet songs on Pandora:

They plat 100 Chevy songs on a rotating basis. Enjoy! Blondie was on when I showed up. Debbie Harry! Yow Yow!

Great stuff…thanks. I hope it doesn’t mean the rest of us signed up for something automatically by tuning in ?

You’ll get the bill in 6 months. I get 50% of the take. :stuck_out_tongue:

Jt, Thanks !

I haven’t heard any music, yet. My computer/internet hook-up are one step up from 2 tin cans and a piece of string.

I’ll have to monkey around and see if I can it percolating.


“Your internet connection is slow, causing the music to pause during playback. Pandora requires at least 64 kbps to stream.”

dagosa, the graft will go to a good cause: getting wideband for CSA

I’m sorry it doesn’t work on your connection, CSA. But your public library might have a wide band network. Take some headphones and the URL and see if you can hook up with the 100 Chevy tunes. You might consider using a USB stick and the public library’s assets if you ever need wide band.

Thanks, I’ll Try That, But The Library In Our Rural Town Has Limited Hours Of Operation And The Last Time I Was There To Get A Book, There Were None. Somebody Had Already Checked It Out !


CSA…get yourself an iPad and link up to any WiFi available…your next doctor’s appointment or car service could be a great opportunity to listen to the music in their waiting rooms.

Can’t pass up an opportunity to paste one of my favorite car songs, sorry no video, New Riders of the purple sage, Jerry Garcia even!

“Waterboy” does the two step too ?

CSA…get yourself an iPad and link up to any WiFi available…

My kids do that, apparently. There is no WiFi here, but when they go to town or traveling they get it, I guess.

I’ve resisted the temptation to chase all this technology. I need it like I need tap dance lessons. I don’t have cable or satellite TV, either. When I watch people talking constantly on cell phones and texting (instead of planning or waiting) and when I stay in a motel with 187 TV cannels, I’m reminded why I’m not in the chase.
Peaceful, really.


This is a perfect example of how the world is changing CSA, much to he dismay of many. If you like music for example, your access to it is both enhanced if you’re willing but limited if you aren’t by the technology you use.