This museum in Alabama looks interesting

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I have been there and it is really worth seeing. It is also a bargain priced museum .

The best way is to take the elevator to the top floor and work your way down as the ramps let you see it all .

Been to AL a number of times and never even knew it was there. Looks like a must see and quite an operation.

I’m a bit fascinated with pics of racing cars from back in the early 20th century. No safety gear to speak of at all, no roll cages, nothing. It’s a miracle any of those drivers survived at all.
Saw a list of NASCAR fatalities once and even that was quite lengthy.

when you see some of the nascar drivers flip 3-4 times now and walk out with out a scratch. it is pretty amazing.

A casual friend who lived across the street from me died at the dirt track here over 20 years ago even with a limited fuel cell, roll cage, fire suit, and all. Even worse, he burned to death while management refused to allow help.

Indy was also dangerous, especially early on:
List of fatalities at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway - Wikipedia

Back in the day drivers refused to wear seat belts because being burned in a crash was a bigger concern to them than being tossed out of a speeding car. Indycars didn’t have seatbelts until the late 60s and F1 cars did not mandate them until 1972!

Racer Bill Simpson didn’t introduce fire suits to racers until 1967 when 30 of 33 Indycar driver wore his suits in the Indy 500.

It looks cool. The National Museum of Transportation is near St. Louis but I confess I haven’t been there in years.

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I wonder if he is some relation to the Skip Barber racing school? I thought he was in the Carolinas someplace.