This is my 2009 Civic si when I first bought it new and how I gave it a look of it's on in 2012


OK , So. Your title says “and how I gave it a new look”. Well how? Still looks like a 2009 Civic to me. All I see is wheels and some aftermarket intake. I didn’t know that now this forum is for “Hey look what I did posts”. Isn’t that what the Honda fan boy sites are for?

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Most of the black Civics of that era have paint delamination problems (clearcoat pealing off).

I like some of the subtle black outs done to improve the look. Nice job!

It’s called Car Talk. OP is talking. About a car. Good enough for me.


I like the looks of that generation of Civic. I was always disappointed that the coupe didn’t have the really nice-looking tail lights the sedan got.

I like the red center caps on the wheels, and you could eat dinner off of that engine. You obviously take really good care of that thing, and your visual mods are tasteful and subtle. Nice car!


The Civic has always been a nice looking car imo. When I was looking for my first vehicle 40+ years ago, besides the truck (which I bought) I was also seriously looking at a Civic. This was in the early 70’s and Civics were in their first generation in the USA. But it was still a nice looking car even then. The ride was a little bumpy & noisy though. I took my dad on a test drive, and he wasn’t as impressed: “Cheap Japanese Steel!!!” he exclaimed … lol …

OP, I can’t really see what the changes you made. Could you ID them?