Thinking of buying a mercedez-Benz

the mercedez Benz is a 1999 C 230 Kompressor and it has alot of miles (253,000)and I was wondering even though it seems like it runs good, and sounds very nice, I cant test drive it because its at a public auction, and I was wondering if it would be a worth while buy to invest in a car with such high mileage, I know they are noted for miles , but is it a smart buy if I buy it and at what mileage will I expect to put out mora than just regular maintenance?

The gas Benzes don’t quite have the reputation for extreme longevity as the Diesel ones. Even then, at this mileage the main factor is how well maintained it was. I’m guessing there’s no maintinence records, so it’s a total crapshoot. Do you know how the car came to be in an auction-- most cars that wind up there tend not to have had the best care.

That said, if you can get a really, really good deal on it and it wouldn’t break you financially if it only lasts you a few months, I’d say go for it.

I agree, it all depends on condition and price. If it has 250K miles of neglect it could be in tough shape. You might also get lucky, but it’s a complete gamble. I would be reluctant to pay more than about half the book value without more information.

It could cost plenty and the parts, if needed aren’t always easy to find. What does that mean? At this mileage, there could be more expensive failures involving serious parts instead of just the run of the mill usual ones. Most expensive luxury cars are kept on the road so there may not be salvage parts available everywhere. You will have to be willing to take the risk, not knowing what the level of risk is. If the car runs, you will look real good driving it.