Thinking about installing mini spool

I have a ole 65 mustang it’s one wheel wonder and thinking about making it posi by installing a mini spool but I’m not sure on how it will be while cruising and street driving I drive it maybe 100 miles a week just here and there

If you like to power-drift, or do long straight burns, they are nice but for daily driving they are a pain. As you know, they work by eliminating the spider gears, giving you a solid rear axle, like an old fashioned go cart or dirt track racer. They are usually stronger than the factory spiders, too.

However, cornering is made much worse. Each rear tire needs to travel a different distance so the two tires will fight one another for traction; one (or both) must slip. This is OK for dirt racing or slick surfaces, but tricky driving on dry roads, especially with “sticky” tires.

I’d recommend spending the extra and installing posi (limited slip) in the car. That will give traction to both tires without damaging your ability to corner properly. It will also improve traction in slippery conditions.


I agree with everything @mperry_153483 wrote. Mini spools are for drag race cars, not street cars.

I would suggest a Tru-trac gear type limited slip over a clutch pack style. I’ve tried both, the gear type is superior.

Gear type aka torsen or helical diff.