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They are making me a criminal!

Because a dealer broke and won’t repair an odometer, I can’t sell my beautiful Volvo in FL. Must have accurate mileage.

Thanks for sharing.

I’d love to hear the details behind this one. :wink:

What is the dealer’s version of the story?

There is absolutely no information here…but, then again, there’s no question either.

All I can do is wish you luck.

Did you call the Attorney General??

Good friend of mine that owns a Nissan Dealership in upstate NY…was able to get the franchise because the old owner got caught rolling back OD’s. The AG shut them down. My friend swooped in and BOUGHT the dealership.

Why can’t you sell it? Check with your DMV and I think you will find that you can sell it as long as you sign a form that discloses both to the buyer and the state that the mileage is not accurate.

OK I need another car, make me an offer I cant refuse, I will be there in 3 weeks as I have commitments until then but will pay cash.

How did the dealer break the odometer? How do you know it wasn’t just a coincidence? Please share.

I have sold a car in Florida with a broken odometer. All I had to do was inform the buyer that the odometer had been broken for several years and that the odometer reading didn’t reflect the actual mileage. How hard is that?


Did you read your owners manual??


What a goofy post. Ripping a dealer over something they likely did not do nor had any control over.

Criminal? Can’t sell? MUST have accurate mileage? Attorney General? Dealer broke and won’t repair an odometer? Hang 'em from the nearest tree?

The dealer went through all of this to break an odometer gear?

It’s solid nylon and like most plastic or nylon items can be subject to failure at any time.
There’s a story behind this one and it’s unlikely any of us will ever hear it.

I agree that we will likely never hear the entire story, or at least not an objective telling of that story.

The story is this: While doing an AC install they broke the odom. The AC never worked again because it was a partial pkg. I added the last $500 parts at my mechanic only to find the chip could not be programed because the dealer kept that info from the public. So my 97 Turbo Volvo with 48,000 miles sits as an insured lawn ornament until the law makes the Volvo Dealers let loose of the programing code.

Or even a biased telling. It seems that BJ Briley has left the building…

Not so, (S)He left a new post this morning. Not that it makes the story any more understandable. C’mon, a lawn ornament because of a partial A/C install requiring the programming of a chip?? Really. I don’t understand people that think they can invest so little time in EXPLAINING the issue thoroughly, yet expect us to invest the time to query them repeatedly to get the necessary details. Sorry, you can’t be bothered to invest some time to fix YOUR problem, neither can I…

Between missing information and details that make little or no sense, this is not really possible to figure out. You will have to provide much better information if you want guidance on this issue.

Thanks TwinTurbo. I see it now.

BJ, what part of the AC system were they replacing?
Did they tell you exactly why the new AC installation is inoperative?
Did they tell you what “chip” they’re unable to reprogram?

To everyone, is it possible that the AC system and the Odo are both controlled by a Body Control Module or some similar computer and that’s what they’re struggling with?

Are you sure? When I bought a car in FL if it was over 10 yrs old they didn’t care how many miles it had on it. You’re easily over that hump.