These people share the road with you

This despicable trend was exemplified by the recent “Let him die somewhere else” incident in Florida:


I’ve been to Palm Beach. Big boats, big fences. Wouldn’t want to die there.

Just to add, I went to the Demo Derby at the county fair last night. The grand stand was packed. When the national anthem was played, everyone took off their caps and stood. Not a cap on or person sitting as far as I could see. Please don’t move to rural Minnesota and spoil it.

I saw that article. That was nuts.

“One playing a French Horn, in traffic in a construction zone.”

Now that is impressive.

"drove her stick-shift VW Golf while eating a bowl of cereal on a city street "

I had an office mate boast of his ability to do the same thing.

" see a guy juggling while driving"


Nope, she could see it through the windshield across a 4 way stop.

That was the right thing to do imo. When a customer isn’t willing to cooperate at all, the business owner has no other option than to politely tell the customer “sorry we are unable to accommodate your needs”, and recommend they seek help elsewhere. That’s how I’ve handled similar business situations, and in almost all the cases the customer either (1) comes back and apologizes; or (2) I they seek help elsewhere and became argumentative with that vendor too.

Deleted my request to redirect the discussion back to cars and deleted all the political dumpster fire following the comment about the demo derby. Please don’t go back to accusing each other of being unpatriotic. Thanks.