These people share the road with you

Nowadays, with auto hold turned on in my car, the brakes are locked as long as the car is stopped and the line pressure is above a certain threshold. And the brakes won’t release until I hit the gas with the seatbelt buckled

As far as jumping into someone’s runaway car, I wouldn’t want to find out if Mike Tyson’s tiger is in the backseat

Btw, gotta love the bluetooth connectivity and the call receiving button right on the steering wheel

Speak for yourself. I think beating people up to prove superiority is a pretty childish way to act, but having a spouse as a lawyer helps keep the legal bills down.

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All kinds of people share the road with us, yesterday we had one really self-important yo-yo come in. He had scheduled his BMW M3 for an alignment after doing some suspension work. The service writer checks him in and then she says
“OK, I just need to grab your keys.”

“No you don’t.”

“Uhh, you car doesn’t need keys?”

“No one drives my car. Not even the mechanic. I’ll drive it on the rack myself. That’s how Joe does it.”

“Well Joe hasn’t worked here in 6 years. Bob will be doing your alignment today and I’ll ask him if he’s willing to align your car without driving it before and after. Anyway, I need the keys to get the mileage for the repair order.”

Service writer goes to put a floor mat and seat cover in the car, and starts the car to get the mileage and take a pic of any warning lights that are on. We do this for every car that comes in. BMW guy comes running over.

“I told you no one drives my car, no one starts my car!!”

Service writer stops what she’s doing, removes the floor mat and seat cover, and hands him his keys. She says “Thank you” and walks back in to the office while he burns rubber out the driveway.


Driving yesterday and today I saw three trucks brazenly run red lights, four oncoming vehicles cross the center yellow line, one vehicle weaving back and forth into my lane, and two pedestrians in parking lots head down looking at their cell phones mindlessly walking in front of moving cars. Talk about distracted drivers and walkers!

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Move to the Boston area. I see people running red lights several times a day - every day. It’s extremely common. I’ve approached a stop light that was yellow and I slowed down and the idiot behind me decided to drive around me and go through the light long after it turned red. You have to be extremely careful at red lights near Boston.

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I see that all the time when I am in town and I think it is going to get worse before it gets better if it ever does.

That also happens a lot here in St. Louis.

I pity any pedestrians attempting to use the crosswalks at intersections. With drivers like that, pedestrians might as well be targets as in the Death Race video game from the mid 1970s.

Pedestrians have gotten use to it (for the most part). Walking in Boston you need to be very careful crossing a road - even if you’re allowed to safely. Drivers just don’t care.

I wonder how you fix the problem of people who believe traffic laws do not apply to them?

Milwaukee has drivers who interpret the yellow signal as “speed up” and red signals as optional stops, and also feel that speed limits do not apply to them. Some of these drivers do not have a driver’s license, either. Pedestrians and drivers who do follow the law have been maimed or killed in accidents caused by reckless drivers.

If you ever figure it out you could be considered a genius as no one else ever figured how to do it.

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If they are not going to follow the law and get a drivers license, they are probably not going to follow the traffic laws either.

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Living in Boston, New Jersey etc. etc. is no excuse. People really need to calm down and control themselves. Saturday, that lawyer guy was on the radio while I was heading to the store, and a guy called in who had been in a road rage altercation. The idiot beat him up to the tune of $75,000 in medical bills for eye and face surgery. This type of behavior should not be condoned.

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You are right

When you figure that out then let every know. It’s been a problem in MA and southern NH ever since I’ve moved here in the early 80’s.

Back in the 90’s I had a physical altercation with an idiot who ran into the back of my truck while I was stopped (for at least 10 seconds) at a stop light with my baby girl in her car seat. He gets out of his car and starts swearing and waving his fist like it’s my fault. I was about to step out of my car and beat the crap out of the punk if he started something, but luckily a cop had witnessed the whole thing and stopped his cruiser and was out of his car before I had a chance to.

Last week I was passed by an idiot. The oncoming car had to leave the road. The three cars he passed had to leave the road. Worse part, he did the same thing less than a mile later. He did stop at the red light ahead and I wrote his plate number down but I never called.
The next day I had my van full of family and got passed by a guy in the center of an s-curve with freshly painted double lines. But before I could say idiot out loud, lights and sirens turned on behind me. The passer pulled over, and I kept going, and justice was served. I know people make mistakes, but many are idiots. It’s just nice to witness an idiot get taken down once in awhile.

What I have observed too many times over the past few years is the phenomenon of drivers who seem to be oblivious to oncoming traffic. The roads in this area tend to be one lane in each direction, with either no shoulder or a “shoulder” that is only 3 or 4 feet wide. As a result, UPS trucks making deliveries and utility trucks stationed there for repair work will partially block the road.

All too often, a driver coming from the opposite direction will swing around those stopped trucks, right into the path of oncoming traffic. I have learned that, even if the stopped truck is on the other side of the road, I have to slow down and be prepared to take evasive action because of brain-dead drivers who may suddenly dart into my lane, directly in my path.


Y’all will probably not agree with me but my thoughts about living in a big city would be like three or more family’s living in the same house you can imagine what kind of problems that would cause.

It is nice when instant karma happens.

Would you do that today? Some of the crazies here are armed and are trigger happy.

What seems to be more prevalent today than in the past to me, is people’s lack of empathy for others and a feeling of entitlement for themselves. A “no mercy” driving style. I witnessed this with my son driving this weekend. He’s got his learning permit and doesn’t fully know what he’s doing yet. We had to merge on the interstate and traffic was heavier than he is used to, so we had to wait to merge, (unbeknownst to him). He almost pulled out in front of someone. I corrected him and had him pull onto the shoulder. The cars couldn’t be bothered to slow down, they had to maintain 80 and blow their horns. I get it, it was his fault, they’ve got the right of way. But get over yourself, you might have to actually hit the brakes. People used to would’ve slowed down a bit. Now, I think they’d just hit you to prove the point that they’re right. Strange how people seem less tolerant in a time when society is supposedly more tolerant.