There's a ghost in my car


So I’m new to DIY car style and have run into something peculiar.

I have an '01 Ford Ranger; 4cyl, Manual Trans, 2.3 liter. It starts fine, but if you wait 15-20 seconds, it revs up a couple hundred RPM’s for 2-3 secs, then back down. It doesn’t do this JUST when idling, it does it while driving, too (and yes, I’m positive my foot isn’t on the pedal).

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


As you named the title, there would be a ghost in your car. You’d better ask the ghost to stop it politely. Good luck.


See the Bishop for an exorcism, or see a mechanic to replace the MAF or MAP sensor.


neither of these responses have helped. If there is anyone who DOES know the reason for this, please let me know.


Check or replace the Idle Air Control Valve, and clean the mass airflow sensor. You might also want to check the air filter. Also, is the Check engine light on? If so, you can get the codes read for free at any Autozone.


Also, you may want to check the EGR valve and all the vacuum hoses. If you have done everything said so far and still nothing it may be time to take it to a mechanic with a running diagnostic machine.