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High Rpms Immediately after shifting

I’m having an issue where my car stays at 3000 rpms in park or neutral. After it shifts in drive, it drops in rpm then jumps to over 5000 with a loss in response. Some people have told me it could be a maf sensor or a vacuum leak. Can anyone help?

Help how?

Based on the lack of info in your post, the best thing I can tell you is to have the car towed to a well-rated independent auto repair shop and let them diagnose the problem. Expect to pay a diagnostic fee just to find out what is wrong.


What year is your Focus? What engine if you know? Might be a vacuum leak, could be a bad Idle Air Control valve, could be lots of things. The more information you provide the better. Normal idle should be below 1000 rpm.

My focus is a 2001 se. I’ve already had codes pulled. One was for solenoid A. I’ve replaced that and it shifts at the right rpms after that, but still surges right after. MAF sensor was on the list as well. I need to track down the paper before I could tell you the rest of the codes.

Since you have the codes, have the known problems corrected. If there’s still a problem after that you can tackle it then.

It sounds like Idle Air Control valve is defective.


To find out, while the engine idling warm, take the handle of a screwdriver and rap on the IAC valve.

If the idle speed changes, replace the IAC valve,


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Thanks. I’m going to see if there are any vacuum leaks today.

I may have found the issue. A vacuum tube was unhooked from the air box.