There is an Indian war hoop in my car

I have a 1999 Taurus Se 3.0 liter sedan with 89,000 miles on dry pavement and temps over about 40 degrees and speeds over 35miles per hour I get what sounds like an Indian war hoop coming from what sounds like the front drivers side wheel I have tried slidding the geer selector into nuteral and coast and it continues to make the sound down to speeds of about 25 mph

My best guess is that you have a dry wheel bearing. This is a safety hazard if that bearing seizes up at high speed. (Imagine the brakes being fully applied on one wheel, without warning). I would strongly suggest that you get this car to a qualified mechanic a.s.a.p.

it’s war whoop.

No, I think that he is referring to a variation on the old Hula Hoop, the “Indian War Hoop”. The Indian War Hoop would be rolled into a crowd of enemies in order to make them lose their balance, thus making it the Native American equivalent of the modern Taser–a non-lethal weapon to be used against opponents.


I see —

And, if the Indian War Hoop did not work, then Sioux warriors would sometimes resort to the dreaded pillow fight, a contest greatly feared by their enemies.