The sweating truck cab

How can we keep the condensation down in the cab of a 92 Ford Ranger. The car “sweats” so bad on the inside that the new speakers are getting damaged. It is soaking wet inside when by the time the car warms up. No leaks.

Lousy heater but defroster is OK

Any antifreeze smell in the cab? That would indicate a leaking heater core.

Does the HVAC system have a recirculate mode? If so, don’t use it. You want fresh air.

If the carpets are wet, the moisture will go up. A shop vac will help to dry out the carpets. If you use a long hose, you won’t get significant water in the tank. If the carpet retains too much water, order rubber floor lining from J C Whitney and take out the carpet.

The heater may not be leaking, but…

Check the molding around the windshield, a leak often goes right to the floor. Drain may also be blocked in the heater. Like the creapy movie, it’s coming from inside the house.

Make sure you are on fresh air and not re-circulate.

I’ve used these on my pickup and my Blazer.

Once the Auto Shade wind deflector’s are installed, you can leave the windows cracked open to keep the condensation down.

Ed B.

Rubberized floor mats can also help keep the carpet dry. I was having this problem on my Toyota a while ago, mostly from tracking in snow. I took it out for a drive with the heater on and the window cracked and that seemed to have mostly resolved it. It’s much more of an issue with a little pickup like that because it’s such an enclosed space. Makes me miss my old Chevy with the rubber floors and vinyl seats.

Also, if your heat is lousy, you may need a thermostat.