The rust!

I am just getting in, in this car world. Going back to Caravans 1996. I bought this with pretty much rust on the sliding doors. In one year one of the doors lost a piece and is falling apart little by little. Is there any advice to retard this destruction process? Recently my wife got a 2002 caravan. But before I checked it and I found no rust at all by the doors and very slightly in other part of the chasis… What should I do to keep it that way? I live in Michigan, snow, salt in the streets…humidity.

Thanks once more guys!

You can’t really stop the rust unless it’s completely removed…and that is very difficult to do. In a car that’s 12 years old…it’s NOT worth it…unless it’s a classic.

Agree! Rust is the cancer of cars. and it is always fatal. When buying a car, it is just as important to check for rust as it is to check the mechanical fitness.

If there are no holes in the door, you could sand it and prime it. Paint it if you want to over the primer. If the door is too far gone, you could buy a replacement at a salvage yard. On the new van, you should sand the rust off, prime it, and paint it. You can get touch-up paint cans at a Dodge dealer. After sanding and before priming, use masking tape and newspaper to mask the area around the spot you will paint to prevent overspray.