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The results of getting towed - Transmission Rattle Help

Hi, i have a 2001 Kio Rio with around 150k Miles. The car was towed last week and about 4-5 days of mild driving after the car was towed I noticed there was a little bit of a rattling sound coming from the underside of the car while driving …not loud enough to be heard until I was coasting.

Then while the car was parked I put the car in neutral and I noticed the rattling would get much louder…I also noticed as I change it into neutral there was a little sound.

After this I also noticed in reverse the sound got much louder.

After driving for another 10miles or so around the city after noticing the sounds I heard something clip the ground while going over a sewer that was sticking up a few inches.

I parked the car and looked under it and I saw this (image attached)

Any info on what the issue might have been that caused this and what will need to be repaired so I have some clue of what I am doing when I go to the mechanic would be great. Don’t want to get screwed!

Can I drive the car at all at this point? anything to note about towing it safely?

Lesson: Don’t get towed!

It looks like a stabilizer bar, but I’ve never seen one that goes under the catalytic converter before. Could you take a pic from the other side of the car to show where that bar goes?

sure. here is a picture from under the front side of the car

And here is a detail on the opposite side of the car as the picture in my first post.

Thanks. Not the sway bar, but an exhaust support bar. Looks like the part that goes through the rubber bushing has broken off one end. Could they have used this bar as a hold-down point during the tow? You might try coat hanger wiring the thing up until getting it fixed. A muffler shop should be able to rig up a passable fix. In the last picture, if you swing the bar to the right, you can see where it was welded to the exhaust pipe. May have just failed coincidentally.


would this make sense as the cause of the rattling noise that is associated with the transmission too?

The transmission in gear, in neutral, in reverse all put different forces and vibrations on the exhaust system, so I’d say it explains everything. You’ll know after this is fixed.

ok great, thanks

I doubt that the tow had anything to do with this exhaust bracket breaking. Heck, it’s 14 years old, and it’s lived a long life.

I think it’s just a coincidence that it happened to go at this point.