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The opposite of Toyota's problem

Four or five times as I drove my car it dropped to an idle and the accelerator would not respond. The “check engine” and cruise control lights came on. When I pressed the gas nothing happened. I shut the car off and re-started it and it was fine. The dealer ran a diagnostic check and found nothing.

Subaru has been making the Legacy for a long time. What year is yours?

Also please tell us mileage, engine, and transmission type.

This is the most hated problem with the cars of today. It seems to be unsolvable to me. I call it the GM computer glitch. I guess we will be seeing it everywhere else now but luckily, it doesn’t happen often. Once is too many, because it could be dangerous at times.

I have no recommendation that anybody can afford to just pay for as an experiment. I can always tell YOU to replace the computer and let us know…

It is a 2005 with about 82,000 miles and an automatic transmission.