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The Occasional Problem with Reverse

I have 1990 Lexus LS 400. Lately, sometimes after I park and then return to the car and put it in reverse, it does not engage when I step on the gas. I’ve had to push the car backward and then when I put it in drive it goes forward and will also then work in reverse. Is this a sign that the transmission is going? If so, would you recommend getting a new transmission? How much is a new transmission?


Paul in Manhattan Beach

Automatic or manual transmission? Do you use the parking brakes (as you should) every time you park?

I don’t think you are ready for a new transmission yet. When was the last time you change the fluid? Without any more information, I would look at the transmission linkage.

It is an automatic transmission and I use the parking brake as appropriate (when parking on hills, etc.). I can’t recall changing the transmission fluid, but I checked the level and it’s fine. I’ll check into the transmission linkage. Thanks.

have the transmission serviced. Have the fluid changed, and the filter too, and if it has a vacume modulator valve, have that changed as well. (newer transmissions dont have this valve.) Note the milage, and find out the service interval so you will know when to have this done next time.