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2005 Lexus RX 330 - Balks

Transmission balks when I step on gas from a stop. Finally catches a split second later. Dangerous at intersections.

Then take it in for transmission service ASAP.

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Are you sure it’s the transmission and not the engine hesitating?

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Nope. Engine revs and then transmission catches with a jerk.

Okay, first check your transmission fluid. Is it low? Dark in color? Smell burnt? If it’s low but okay otherwise, check your owner’s manual or call a Lexus/Toyota dealer to find out what type of transmission fluid it needs and add some until it’s full when warm. If that solves the problem you’ve dodged a bullet. Then have your transmission serviced. Otherwise you need transmission work.

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Thanks, Dave. I’ll give it a shot. John

What happened with the car?