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The new Russian electric car

… demonstrates that the Russkies have really mastered the science of designing cars for an ultra-low drag coefficient!
(… or, not…)

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When I saw that, I immediately thought of this:


I wonder how similar the design process was?

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The DeLuxe model has 8 headlights!

Russian design is stuck in the past…

The 1981 Lada Riva - familiar no?


The big concern I have is build quality.

= Fiat 124?

This seems like a cruel joke

There’s no way in heck that car is going to have the range that was mentioned in the article

Reliability will probably be non-existent

I think Kalashnikov should stick to weapons, not automobiles

The only plus I see is the good visibility.

Fancy Russian knock-off of a Fiat 124!

Better than Iran’s “brand new fighter plane” I guess. :wink:

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Maybe some US states will outlaw it because the battery tray carries more than 10 cells! Others will outlaw it because it LOOKS like a Fiat 124 (and has no bumpers).

If it is outlawed in the USA, that would be federal action, not state.

You missed the joke, didn’t you?

BTW, Check California’s emission laws and get back with me on whether the that is solely a a federal action! :smile:

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The federal government has allowed California to have its own, stricter regulations particularly about emissions. That goes back to LA’s past status as the smog capital of the USA.

Yeah, I know. When other states - like NY - wanted to set their own standards as well, the government finally stepped in and said, Federal or California standards, pick one.

Then came the 55 mph speed limit. It seems many have failed to notice “The Russian arms maker Kalashnikov has unveiled its new electric car, inspired by a rare 1970s model,” for a car around town aerodynamics probably are not a major factor.

Kind of reminded me of a Volvo (no offense @VOLVO_V70 ). Yup, Kali was given permission to come up with their own emissions regulations, and there was some talk of rescinding that now.

None Taken.

It actually was patterned after the izh-kombi, a real car from the 1970s-1990s. This one is a prototype, and who knows when the marque will begin production.

While we are on the subject of the Fiat 124, that was the inspiration for the all-time favorite Yugo.

I think 17 states use the Cali emissions standards. Maryland is one of them. I’m in favor of stricter standards where population density is high. It makes sense for California and most of the Northeast US.