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The lonely carport

An otherwise-empty lot in the neighborhood has a carport, without even a driveway. A humorist added a sign.

A trailer was moved away ?

Someone who played the drums but couldn’t practice at home b/c the noise disturbed his neighbors could use something like that. A remote drum practice place w/a roof. … lol …

I thought the was a snake but turns out it was a stick. Who knows why? Sounds like there might have been a structure there. Also around here you can’t park on the grass so you’d need a slab for your boat.

Bing: “Also around here you can’t park on the grass.” Please explain.

Human beings are a curious lot. I’ve lived all over the United States and I’ve rarely seen an old barn torn down. Most people just build a new barn right next to the old one and let the old one fall down over time. I think the same sort of thing is going on here.

There’s a local ordinance against parking vehicles, boats, trailers, etc. on grass. Has to be on a paved surface such as asphalt concrete, pavers, etc. most of the cities around here have similar restrictions and it tends to keep the place a little more orderly and the huge rvs parked somewhere else.

It’s been like this, except the sign, since I moved to town, 12 years ago. The lot is a separate property, not owned by its neighbor (it’s a double corner lot: streets north, south, and west of it). A fence without a gate separates it from the property east of it. I’ve never seen anything parked in it. If a too-loud musician(s) practiced there it’d annoy the neighbors. It’s legal to park your car anywhere on your property here, grass or not.

The sign amused me; some local humorist added it: that’s why I pointed it out to you-all.