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The homemade snowplow for the Subaru

Will the lady who wants to build her own snowplow for her Subaru need to worry about setting off the airbag?

That is a possibility.

Some years back, there was a recall on Jeep Grand Cherokees because the impact sensors were so sensitive that simply hitting a curb at the wrong angle could cause the airbags to deploy. I

n a similar way, the unknown force from coming into contact with a snowbank (or a hidden curb, or…) could possibly deploy the airbags on her car.

how about something you pull rather than push. ad some wheels to it for mobility, and a hitch is all you need.

Phlaky Phil, Why Not Use The Discussion That’s Already In Progress, Instead Of Starting A Second One On The Same Topic ?

Here’s the link:


I bet you can pick one up used.

“Subaru snow plow” googles really well. There are even videos.

The problem with your idea is that trying to plow snow that has already been compacted by your car’s tires is going to be…imperfect. Once your tires have compacted the snow and caused it to adhere to the driveway, clearing it is more difficult. I don’t think that the results would be very satisfactory.

Additionally, how would you remove the snow that is picked up by a “plow” that is pulled behind the car? I think that after one good pass with a device of that type, you would have to detach it in order to remove the accumulated snow. Or–in other words–more effort than it is worth.

Thank you. Like most people I enjoy being corrected. I appreciate finding out about my mistakes in order to improve myself.

Wouldn’t you agree that, generally speaking, people truly enjoy being corrected or criticized? I mean, I can’t think of the last time someone criticized me, and I didn’t responded by saying, “THANK YOU! THANK YOU for pointing out the error of my ways.”

I’m glad you realized it was so very important and that your comment wouldn’t make me look ignorant or embarrass me.

THANK YOU! THANK YOU for pointing out the error of my ways. :slight_smile:

Phlaky, You’re Welcome ! You’re Welcome ! I Appreciate The Fact That You Are Trying To Improve Yourself ! I Wish More Folks Had Your Attitude.


There was a plow made for the Subaru Brat about 25+ years ago. Subaru had a real 4WD system then not the All Wheel Drive of today. I don’t know if the transmission would stand up to plowing today.

The real question should be asked of your husband: What self respecting New Englander would drive a 2X4 Pickup that can’t get out of the driveway. He should trade it in for a 4x4 pickup. :slight_smile:

Subarus are an awesome ride in the snow. Albeit, there is nothing to mount a plow to. Get a snow blower. I recommend a 1978 Ariens Sno-Thro.

The drag behind snowplow actually works quite well. It technically does not “plow” the snow, but it does compact it sufficiently for the weaker or lower profile car to get in and out easily.

In our case, we attached a sheet of plywood to the tailgate of our minivan, added the weight of two adults standing at the bottom edge of the plywood, and made a slow pass down the drive. It only took about two passes to get a 17 inch snowfall compacted enough that I could get my Dodge Dynasty in and out.

This is a pretty clever idea. Attaching a plow to the rear would certainly be easier than attaching it to the front.

I just saw a 2004 tarus wagon video with a plow . here is a link

I don’t know about the airbag issue, but I wanted to share this photo that a Subaru entusiast friend of mine took last wee in Lansing Michigan. Apparently it’s a mid/late 80’s Subaru GL Turbo Wagon with a custom plow attachment!

I built this subaru plow from scratch in about two car talk shows time using scraps around the shop (wood, nails, rope). Used all winter. Burned it at the summer soltice to appease Uler the norwegian snow god. see it in action on youtube: