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Subaru snowplow on the 2/19 show

My gut feeling the snowplow lady wants to do two things:

1. Plow snow

2. Is on a mission to do something mechanically interesting and challenging.

Suggestion: go on eBay and acquire an old (they’re all old) Gravely two-wheeled tractor. They weigh only around 600 lbs but are physically much smaller than even a small 4-wheeled tractor. The two-wheeled tractor generally has four tractor tires on one axle. And, therefore a lot of traction when in low gear (about 1 mph). The Gravely tractor is well-known for the number of implements available for the machine. One of the implements are various types of snowplows: auger-driven type blower and a regular angled plow with or without hydraulics. With the practical side covered the challenge remains to get one in good running shape or in good enough shape to get running. In either case you will be mechanically challenged to get all the parts and pieces together to perform the targeted task of plowing snow. The Gravely two-wheeled tractor lends itself easily to customization depending on the creativity of the mechanic that is inclined to take on the task of working on a Gravely two-wheeled tractor. There is a website that depicts 76 implements for a single Gravely tractor

I applaud the female caller who wants to fit a snowplow to her Subaru. My wife drives this wonderful Toyota 4Runner. She will be retiring this summer and I was going to get a s Myers snow blade with the controls so that she can plow driveways next winter and bring in a little money. I thought she would be delighted with the idea, but she says that I am not going to put a snow blade on her 4Runner. If plowing snow would be hard on a 4Runner, I think it would be very hard on a Subaru.

Triedaq left the computer logged on, so I am going to respond. I think plowing snow with a Subaru is ridiculous. Triedaq keeps talking about putting a snow blade on my 4Runner. I bought him a nice snow shovel for Christmas. If he hurts himself shoveling snow, he has medicare, but driveline parts for a 4Runner are expensive.

Mrs. Triedaq

Geezenslaw, Why Not Use The Discussion That’s Already In Progress, Instead Of Starting A Second One On The Same Topic ?

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