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The Great Snow Plow Debate

After 30 years of plowing I have the following insight. First, seldom does the hydraulics fail. What has failed is the chain might jump out of the hook, resulting in all sorts of mayhem. I always angled my plow toward the side of the road. This gets it farther away from oncoming trafic, and should I need to croud the banking, the plow will fend me off, instead of digging into the bank and resulting in spinning the truck into oncoming trafic. I avoided another truck coming at me when he did catch the banking. I crowded my show bank, avoiding him and watched as he spun out of control as I went past. Pretty sure he had to head home to change his shorts.


How can you plow snow other than with the plow angled toward the edge of the road?

I doubt anyone will debate this point.

Thanks for your insight, however. After 30 years I think you can be considered an expert.

This subject has been beat to death on plow site. You’re not likely to get many people on this site who even understand what you’re debating. I always transport my plow tilted down on the driver’s side or straight. A lot depends on your plow width. If I had a 9’, I might feel differently. I haven’t used a chain hoist in years but they do have their advantages (e.g. short chaining).

What I seen fail the most is the Plow Driver. The one that plows my street hasn’t a clue. Of the 10 homes on this street he’s destroyed 8 or our mail boxes…including mine. He had to go out of his way to destroy mine. Doesn’t matter if I put markers up or not he ALWAYS plows 1-2 feet of lawn. He’s destroyed our curb. Luckily we all have good long driveways so we can park off street…I don’t want to think about what this guy will do to a car that’s parked out there.

I thought Crankshaft drove a school bus. Does he also drive a snowplow in your neighborhood in his off-time?

Are these city/county plows or independants hired by the local municipality? Usually it’s the latter that is overly aggressive with plowing back. Their gear is not as robust and when the bank freezes, it’s nearly impossible to push back further for the next storm so they run it back right from the start. Hard to believe though if your curbs are ruined. It takes some serious equipment to wreck curbs and remain in business what with all the plow maint. Aren’t you in the GRANITE state? Can’t imagine wrecking one of those granite curbs like we have around here. They’re six inches thick and buried 3’ below grade. You have concrete curbs??

I’ve always lived in the burbs. The last house, the county plows came by at 50mph and sprayed shoulder gravel up 30’ into the front yard. Was a royal PITA to clean up in the spring.