The future

…of (not) driving


I couldn’t get the youtube link to show, so I put the other link that’ll get you there. The other drivers jumping out of their cars is a neat touch…

I’m not going to show this video to my wife; she’ll want a self driving car!

Well , you see officer…it’s all the CAR’S fault !

Until sensors are buried in every road, at every intersection, at every driveway and any other point on the road where traffic turns or stops…will it be as reality.
It couldn’t follow GPS because it would have to be much more accurate. It couldn’t follow the center line, because many are faded or… on the back roads were never painted.

This may get rolled out, but on a specific roadway for testing purposes.


Will it drive you off a bridge??

Until sensors are buried in every road, at every intersection, at every driveway and any other point on the road where traffic turns or stops....will it be as reality.

The bigger question is who will get stick for the bill on all this additional infrastructure? I think we know what the answer to that will be…

Will it drive you off a bridge??

Or to drink?

“Will it drive you off a bridge??”

No, but Teddy will.

GPS can be used. I saw a TV show filmed in Alaska during a white out. A big rig driver used modified GPS to recognize the road and road side hazards like guard rails.

High precision gps I would trust in a snowstorm, centimeter level of accurasy, you need what is called real time correction, ie a link that calculates precision based on readings of known points and interpolatin results. Most waas gps is meter level precision, could easily be 3 feet one way or another, trust that in a snow storm, not me!

None of these cars need ANYthing buried in roads to guide them. That went by the wayside a decade ago because of the cost… to the government. All the cost is IN the car itself and it ain’t just GPS. It is a fusion of many sensors; scanning radar, scanning lasers, sonar, camera vision, odometry, steering, accelerometers AND GPS that guides the cars based on the very same things YOU see as you drive. All are blended and decisions are made as to which are to be believed and which are not to guide the car. That way if one or 2 or 3 or even more of these are blind, the car still can navigate safely.

Heck, there is probably a “lawyer sensor” to bring the whole thing slowly and safely to a stop until they go aWAY!

What no audible warning device. I’ve got one that’s about 5 foot nothin and weights…never mind . “Why are you going this way, watch out for that truck, you’re going too fast, turn here”.

That’d be nice to have the Sonar…in case it does drive you off a bridge.
Dive, Dive, Dive!!! I’ve always liked sub,marine movies.


I heard a report on the radio the other day, Google seems to be working on a patent idea to soften the car bumper, presumably to make a self driving car/pedestrian accident less damaging to the pedestrian. Self driving cars require a softer bumper than people driven cars? Gives one pause, eh? … lol …

"Google has filed a patent for a “System for pedestrian leg protection in vehicle impact,” "

The self driving cars have been around and being tested for several years now. All the major manufactures have prototypes out on the roads in development. Tesla is saying they will enable the feature this summer in a software upgrade, but it will be limited to use on interstates only. Here are some more articles on the technology.

Makes no difference to me. I will never willingly own a self driving car. Ain’t happening.

Someday, maybe I’ll be ready.
In the year 2525. If man is still alive.

Teddy quit driving in 2009.