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The extended tale of the Extended Warranty

Ford did finally come to the rescue of this loyal Ford customer, but that rescue would probably not have taken place without the intervention of a Consumer Affairs reporter:

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For $1,915.30, it was good for seven years or 100,000 miles, expiring on April 18, 2019, and he’d have a $100 deductible for repairs.

I am really tired of insurance policies being sold as warranties. They’re not warranties. Under a warranty, it’s repaired for free, not for $100. I have to pay a copay when I go to the doctor because I have health insurance, not a health warranty. This is a practice that should be illegal.

Good post.

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And that’s with a factory backed warranty. Imagine what most 3rd-party warranties would have done…nuttin’

If you’re like me, you receive mailings from “extended warranty” companies that claim to cover almost any repair on cars of up to 300,000 miles. Yeah… right…

As P.T. Barnum is alleged to have said, “There’s a sucker born every minute”.


Most of the warranty offers in the mail at least have the make and model of my cars listed.

My last 2 mailings for extended car warranties were rather humorous. The first one had TBD under the car make, model and year. The second one did not even have a car listed and under the cost for the various plans the price was also TBD.

So they do not know what car I have or what price to offer but they have a deal for me!


Nothing against anyone but I think if all it was was the connection, it could have been re-engineered a little. I wonder how long before it happens again unless they have changed the connection.