I paid $2600 for a extended ford warranty was I ripped off?

I recently bought a 2016 Ford Explorer XLT at 25000 miles. I paid $2,600 for a extended premium care warranty for 6 years. This was only after continually rejecting there higher offers. I feel I was scammed cause I noticed people online got cheaper prices. Is the entire warranty profit for the dealership? Also does anyone know the normal rate for a car like this?

These are the questions we could comment on helpfully if they were asked before the spending. I love to be warranty free. I quit buying Fords a long time ago. Now I drive a Dodge Grand Caravan.
It’s so reliable I know everything about coffee making at the dealer. I could make it with my eyes closed.

I don’t have a time machine but I appreciate the response.

I suspect this extended warranty in not from Ford and is from some other company. Usually after market warranties do not benefit the purchaser. In your other thread on this vehicle you stated it was a CPO vehicle. So yes, IMHO, you purchased an unnecessary product.
But too late to do anything about it now.
Some sales people/dealerships are great, some will get every dime out of you they can, regardless of the brand.


You need to read the paperwork and see if there is a time cancellation clause in there. If so, it might be a good idea to use it; especially if it is a third party policy without Ford Motor Company backing it up.

“Extended Care” is a Ford-backed extended warranty program. It’s by Ford only. However like all extended warranties, it benefits the dealer more than anyone.

I owned a Ford product in the past and the extended warranty was well worth it. The car started breaking down after the second year of ownership.

It’s common knowledge in the Ford online communities that certain dealerships sell the Ford-back extended warranties at a substantial discount vs. what your local dealer will charge. This has been going on for a decade or so.

Dealers charge different prices to different people based on what’s negotiated. You probably did pay more than someone who bought a warranty online from Flood Ford (dealership that’s notorious for selling Ford Warranties for less than anyone else) or other dealership that’s known for cheap warranties.

For the most part; yes. Extended warranties are 80-85% profit overall.

Normal rate = whatever someone will pay for it.

You might check the start date of the warranty also. Some shady plans duplicate the factory warranty and date from when the car was first sold. Hopefully that is not the case here.

Your car is a 2016 and could have been sold in 15. Be kind of tragic to find out your warranty only has a year left on it. And yes this kind of thievery has happened. Extended warranties can be a minefield at times and if the plan is being financed on top of all of this; ugh.

Trying to finish a car deal and who has the time or inclination to read through pages of legalese which are designed for the most part to pad the profit side of the ledger.