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The CTC's new discussion areas

Dear CTC friends,

You might have noticed that the front page of the CTC looks a little different. Where there used to be Car Questions and Second Opinions, there are now three areas: Repair and Maintenance, The Show, and General Discussion.

Rest assured: All the previously existing discussions are still here. The names on the discussion areas have just changed. However, certain discussions have been moved to another area where appropriate.

A quick tour of the new areas:

Repair and Maintenance is the place where all your technical questions can be asked and answered. You’re all really generous with your diagnostic and repair advice, and we want none of that to change!

The Show should speak for itself - this is the area for you to find or create discussions about subjects raised by this week’s show, to offer another take on Tom and Ray’s advice, or to discuss the Puzzler.

The third area is General Discussion, which is where we can kick around any general questions, car-related or not. A good example is the discussion about the Big 3 Bailout; not a specific technical problem, and not so much based on a particular show topic, but worth kicking around in discussion nonetheless. Also, any ideas you might have about ways to continue improving the CTC belong here.

We felt that moving some topics around might be a first step toward making it a bit easier for you to browse for certain content.

As we work on these issues, though, there may be some short-term surprises. For instance, some of the discussions that used to exist in Second Opinion were moved to Repair and Maintenance – and as part of that migration process the old discussions were bumped to the top of the list. As business returns to normal and other questions get answered, these quirks will settle down.

In the meantime, thanks for your patience.

All the best,



You need to fix the old posts!

They used to be rank ordered by the last posting date. Not any more!!

Some stuff was in the midst of a lively discussion - and now the thread has been broken.


BTW I like the new categories. Much easier to navigate for those new at this.

Us old timers - Yeah, Ya know who youse are! - appreciate it!

Thank you for the explaination. Site refinements are always good with the appropiate rationales.

THANK YOU for cleaning this up. When do we get the virtual mechanic uploaded?

Hey guys,

Thanks for your feedback. It’s a work in progress, and Don, I hear you. This falls under one of the short-term surprises I mentioned in the original post – I wish it were preventable, but the CTC is so fluid that simply by responding to the previous discussion, you’ll start bumping it back to the top. All will settle down soon, I promise. In the meantime, you’ll likely have to do a little hunting for your popular discussions.

Essentially, the benefit ought to be far greater than the short-term cost. Keep in touch!