The case of the scammer and the dupe

I feel really sorry for the guy who lost $26k as a result of this scam, but he ignored all of the red flags that should have caused him to walk away.

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Buyer said he verified vin? Not very well I imagine.

Article says the person who rented the car is in the wind . Did the rental company not do the normal verification of the renter ?

I also have sympathy for the victim but I am not about to give money to a Gofund account .


Most of the rental company’s that I have delt with over the years (servicing them) only keep them 2-3 years depending on condition and mileage of the rental car… So a 3 year old Hellcat selling price around here is about 60K-80K, so my 1st red flag would have been the low low price… lol

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A fool and his money are soon departed. Just sent my tax check in. I wonder if the joss is deductible? Make the rest of us pay for it.

If he’s a Buddhist, it’s possible that he could take a deduction for his joss expenses.

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I used to have a girl working for me that was a former proof reader. Amazing what she would find.

Recommended viewing by another poster here, so I watched a few episodes of Jeeves and Wooster, older but popular at the time UK tv show. Wooster is a young, wealthy mansion-owner, rakish, Jeeves is his Valet (sort of like a butler). Jeeves is the smarter of the two, and is constantly needing to prevent his employer Wooster from making big mistakes. I got to thinking, if someone could follow me around and tell me when I’m about to make a mistake, that seems like it would a good thing … lol .