05 Cobalt vibration

So 2 weeks ago I noticed that after 30 minutes of driving on the highway my steering wheel started making a loud growling noise and vibrating really hard! When I hit the brakes it got worse but got better as I slowed to 30 mph. It doesn’t happen all the time and not right away, only after a while of driving and the dealership says without codes they can do nothing…any idea? It scares me and the kids…oh its a manual if that helps. Thanks so much

Of it were me, I’d ask again at the shop, and when he said that, I’d say “You’re obviously not a car guy, get me someone that has a clue about cars.” Clearly not the most PC way to go about it, but there you go. I’m not always a nice guy. :slight_smile:

Something’s getting warmed up, then causing a vibration. Does this happen more or less when turning? Only when the brakes are applied? Brakes would imply that there may be something wrong with (at least one of) the rotors.

Does your ABS light flash at all during any of this?

No light flashing, not when turning, not only when brakes applied, just driving along on the hwy and out of the blue wham noise and vibration …ha ha yeah I would say it to him but he’s a huge burly man. I’m 5’2…not good at yelling. :slight_smile:

You don’t have to be big and burly, nor yell at someone. This isn’t an engine problem, transmission problem, nor fuel system problem, so there’s no reason for a code light to come on. This seems to be a mechanical driveline problem - although it could be an engine problem, but if so, it’s mechanical. With the description so far, and virtually no diagnostics, there’s really no way to tell.

I just want to make sure that my car won’t break down in the middle of the artic tundra with my kids in the back until I can find a great mechanic that will really look hard at the car because this vibration doesn’t happen all the time only maybe 5 times in the past 2 weeks during long highway trips. Thanks for the input.

I’d be worried, and keep looking for another mechanic. If you’re in the far North, it won’t take long sitting on the road to be in real trouble.

Has the power steering motor been replaced under the recall? Does the Power Steering Light appear on the instrument panel? You should have received a recall letter from GM.

I just had the power steering motor/steering column replaced on my 2010 Cobalt. On the first attempt the power steering motor was replaced with a defective part. There was a growling noise/vibration coming from the steering column. The motor and steering column were replaced on the second visit.

Ed B.

Whoever you talked to at the dealershipe was not only ignorant but also placed the dealership in a position of serious potential legal liability. Your power steering system has been prone to serious problems and GM has issued a recall against it.

I’ve posted two links, but do a search and you’ll find tons of information.

Get the recall information and demand to talk to the dealership’s general manager or owner.