The car is ticking

We just had our 1994 Subaru Loyale fixed. Well, pretty much fixed. The mechanic wants to take the engine out again and try to find the ticking. The car runs well now, and he said that the engine ticking may go away, just drive it around town for a few weeks. If it does not go away or gets worse, bring it in to replace the engine. When we bought the car in January, it had 73,000 miles on it. Comments? Suggestions?

If it is just a “tick” and not a “knock”, it might be a lifter. Is it using oil? Does it run fine? Does it tick all the time, or go away later? I would check the lifter using a DIFFERENT mechanic. Sounds like this guy wants to sell a new engine to you. At 73,000 miles, you should not be having problems. Heck, take it to a dealership. The first guy did not do right by you since he is guessing and did not fix your problem the first time.

I agree with bbowersf. I know some Nissan cars were notorious for ticking, ESPECIALLY if it sat for a period of time. My wife had a 95 Dodge Stratus that had a ticking and it turned out to be a collapsed lifter. Her car was a 3.2 Dual Overhead Cam, so it was very easy to replace. I admit, I’m not too knowlegeable with Subaru. Can you tell me type of engine and if you know for certain if it’s an overhead cam? It took me about 5 hours to replace lifter, so I know it’s not a big job.

I also agree with bbowersf that at 73,000 miles, it should still be running like a top. You should get a second opinion from another mechanic, ask your friends who they’ve used.

Here’s what can help narrow it down:

-Is is automatic or manual?
-Does sound increase or change in pitch when accelerating?
-Does it go away when engine is warm?
-How is the oil level? (very important)
-Can you be more specific as to sound… is it a “tick” or a “slap” or a sucking or hissing noise?
-Do you notice if the car or functions seem to differ now?

Please let us know?
Thank you.