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Subaru Forester 2004

I bought this used in 2008 and it is now making a ticking sound from the engine. From everything I have researched, sounds like lifters. Is this common with Subaru’s. This is the first one I have owned and I am relentless with the routine of oil changes. Furthermore, I check my oil levels and color in between scheduled oil changes.

Furthermore, when it is very cold out, the car won’t start until the day warms.

Anyone with any advice??? Thanks

What does the car do when it does not start. Not crank, crank very fast or just crank but not catch?

cranks regular, and then does not catch. I do not over do it, but when I haven’t run the car the previous evening, and it is below about 15 F, it will not start. This is not all the time, and I think the ticking is not related. The ticking is not terribly loud, but loud enough. Yes, there was fresh coolant put in at the beginning of winter.

If the “ticking” goes away after the engine warms up, you might just be hearing Piston Slap. Some engines, including some Subaru engines, display this apparently harmless trait.
I would advise you to take the car to a competent mechanic for an evaluation of both the noise and the starting problem.

The ticking could also be excessive valve lash, which should be inspected far more often than recommended.

Valve clearance may be too wide when the engine is cold and this clearance will close up as the steel in the valve train parts expand due to heat.

The sluggish starting could be caused by a fuel pressure loss while the engine is at rest or an Idle Air Valve problem.
Try depressing the accelerator pedal before starting it on a cold morning. If it starts right up that weeds out the fuel pressure loss theory and veers towards the Idle Air Valve.

Changed the oil and put in Rislone and no more ticking!!! Wow, I am surprised! I hope that does the trick forever. Should I use the Rislone every time I have my oil changed?

I don’t think you should use Rislone at all. Just use the correct oil.