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The Best Reason Ever to Drive a Stick Shift!

If you happen to need a good reason to drive a stick shift, here it is:

Darn. Sorry about the commercial at the beginning.

Well, you should apologize for the commercial, but the whole thing is pretty lame.

Why is this worth TV news? Must have been a slow day.

“Best reason ever?” I don’t think so.

Others may have a different opinion.

I would hope that a car jacking would get some special attention here. Interrupt whatever is on the radio and give the report and hope that the hoodlums were quickly in custody.

I have heard of the same situation happening before, in which case someone tries to steal a car, but can’t drive it because it’s a stick shift. In one such case, it ended up turning into a carjacking/kidnapping because the thief forced the vehicle owner to stay in the car and drive it for them.

I don’t know about you, mcparadise, but I like living in a place where a car jacking is newsworthy, and not an everyday occurrence.

When in Baton Rouge, we have eaten well at Boutin’s (Cajun with live music) and Parrain’s (seafood). The car has automatic door locks but Baton Rouge does not at all seem like a bad place.

I don’t know about you, mcparadise, but I like living in a place where a car jacking is newsworthy, and not an everyday occurrence.

Yea me too…Car jacking in NH is RARE…but in NY it happens almost every day.

And when that happens, you go as fast as you can into the nearest tree, light pole, or fire hydrant. Chances are the bad guys aren’t wearing seat belts, and aren’t going to be in much shape after the impact.

Then you can beat what ever is left of their face in with their gun.


I kind of agree with the potential kidnapping aspect of such an act, but a carjacking could go either way in all cases. Yikes !

But here’s a reason I use ONLY the ignition key to drive with and not the entire chain full of house, work, remotes, and additional car’s keys.
The ignition key is on a quick-release junction and all the rest of my keys stay safely in my pocket.
If I were forced out of the truck ( carjacking or on the spot police impound ) they would not have access to my whole life at their fingertips.

At least if you have a stick shift, you might have a chance to run before the carjacker realizes the car has a manual transmission. In a very cooperative manner, you can get out of the car, offer the guy your wallet, and when he turns to get in the car, bolt in the opposite direction.

Yes, it had to have been quite funny to see their angst at being faced with the stick shift.
If only there were video of THAT :))

But then there’s the danger of the “nothing to steal” syndrome a lot of thieves get.
If they can’t take it or anything in it of value…They completely F it up and leave it for you damaged.
( this happend to my 78 Cordoba. when they found nothing to steal thay sliced up all the upholstery and broke windows. )

That fine Corinthian leather ? Recardo must have been upset !

While I’ve never driven stick, I do want to learn. I’ve toyed with the idea of buying a $500 beater car to learn on. I also wish I could’ve gotten my current ride with a stick, would make it that much more fun to drive.

Its one of those skills everyone should have, even if you rarely use it.

I have a better reason yet: My (insert relative who is a lousy driver here) can’t borrow it!

Frankly, I think armed car-jackers, as well as armed robbers, burglars, and rapists, should be shot by their would-be victims on the spot.

bscar, if you ever come to Florida, I will teach you on my car.

Sure and leave my wife and dog in the car.

That actually happened to me. No harm done, ultimately, but a 20-30 minute ride with someone pointing a gun at you is no fun.


If you have to start it with a crank, there’s a good chance that nobody will try to car-jack it.