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The angle of the fuel tank

It was suggested to me that when parking your car on an incline it is better to have the engine pointing downhill. The explanation given to me was that, “It keeps the air out of the engine.” But doesn’t the engine burn gasoline fumes? Would it not be better to park the opposite way, keeping the LIQUID gasoline out of the engine? Doesn’t fuel pump get fuel to the engine regardless of the angle of inclination that a car may be on?



The angle of the car has no affect. Even if it did, the fuel pump draws from low in the tank and unless you only had a gallon or so in it the pump will be submerged.

It makes no difference whatsoever unless this is some old cranky carbureted car that has trouble starting up after warm. Then you made need somekind of blessing or exorcisim to get it to start. Tell us what kind of car.

If you want good advice about your car,stop filling the tank after the first click off on the pump,unless you only got a nickles worth in, in that case write back.

Whoever told you this doesn’t know much about cars or engines. The engine in your car is basically an air pump, and it wouldn’t work at all without large amounts of air. The air/fuel ratio is around 14.7 to 1, so the engine needs almost 15 times as much air as fuel to run correctly.

The angle at which you park your car doesn’t matter, unless you’re talking about upside down. Liquid gasoline will not run into the engine.

That’s what I thought, guys. Thanks.

BTW, It is a '99 Honda Civic DX. It never gets below 2/3 of a tank.