The 1,300HP Mercury Comet brake failure 20 MPH no seat belt crash VIDEO

In case you haven’t seen this trending video, here it is:

A lot of people who I think are selfish are saying very negative things about this. It’s only beacuse the at fault people decided to publish their mistake to help others not make the same mistake that any of us and the haters even get to know what happened.

What about the millions of cars with road salt rusted brake lines that are out on the road right now that will have failed brakes any day?

Anyway, they rear ended a vehicle of probably similar weight or a bit less going 40 something MPH wearing only lap belts. That makes it about a 20 MPH crash. You can see how injured someone can get at only 20 MPH and that’s with a lap belt on! With no seat belt at all it’s even worse!

When the brakes failed he should have down shifted all the way and then shut off the engine! The video does mention the importance of having a parking brake, even though it may not look cool in a hot rod.

Accidents usually involve more than one thing going wrong. This is an example of such a situation.

  1. We won’t need seat belts today.
  2. Probably had old brake fluid that boiled. Change your brake fluid from time to time.
  3. Riding the brakes instead of turning off the ignition.
  4. Not down shifting and turning off the ignition once the brakes failed.
  5. Removing the parking brake.
  6. Not steering enough to try to slow the car down. They could have made a left and then a hard right and crashed in to the rear side of one of the stopped cars in the right lane. Maybe even passed through. Instead they rear ended a minivan at near full speed and could have pushed it out in to traffic.
  7. Racing while approaching stopped traffic.

If any of these 7 things had been done it would have made the accident much less severe or not happen at all.

I admit to not having any sympathy for those guys as there is too much of what could be called “operator error” involved. Thankfully no one was killed or seriously injured.

The cause of the alleged brake failure is not stated but I suspect it has something to do with a sticking throttle, elevated RPMs, and lack of vacuum on the brake booster.