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Texas Two Step

I was driving along in my 2001 Honda Odyssey on a 2-lane blacktop near the posted speed of 70 mph when I came over a slight rise to see what I thought was small roadkill in the middle of my lane. I was sure I could clear it, and would have had to veer into either the oncoming lane or shoulder to go around, so just let off the accelerator and passed over it. At the last second I realized it was not roadkill but mechanical, like an alternator or something. I still thought I would clear it easily but didn’t as it banged once under the front end, once again under the front passenger seat somewhere, and then out of the corner of my eye I saw it in the right side view mirror bouncing on the shoulder and off the road. I pulled over expecting the worse but saw no apparent damage, nothing out of place, no leaking fluids etc. so continued on my way. But a day or two later I noticed my van doing a little stutter step left as the transmission shifted upon acceleration. It’s almost imperceptible, and most noticeable at upon reaching about 20 mph (2nd or 3rd gear?), as though when shifting the power is lost for a millisecond to the left wheel causing the right wheel to move me to the left a fraction. The van still drives normally otherwise, with no drifting or pulling once up to speed or when braking. Any ideas of what have I may done before I take to a mechanic for diagnosis?

Maybe you dented the transmission pan. I would have it looked at before it becomes more of a problem.

Also check the CV joint boots for tears.

I would notify your insurance company ASAP, just in case the repairs are more then you anticipate.

Listen to dagosa, tell your insurance company. There is no oil pan on Honda transmissions. Also the trans is on the drivers side, engine on passengers side. A good shop, THAT KNOWS HONDAS, should inspect it for suspension damage, which is what it sounds like. It gets expensive fast.