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Tesla S Autopilot Fatality

The first reported death of a car using a full auto-pilot system has occurred…On a 4-lane open access highway, at an uncontrolled intersection, a semi-truck turned left in front of the approaching Tesla Model S which drove under the trailer at high speed shearing off the top of the car and its driver…Neither the auto-pilot or the driver applied the brakes…The US-DOT is investigating the accident…The truck driver has made some pretty silly claims saying the Tesla driver was watching a Harry Potter movie on the cars video screen…When challenged about being able to see the screen, he said he didn’t see it, he just heard it…The Tesla came to rest several hundred feet from the impact point…

We’re already discussing that here:

. . . watching a Harry Potter movie? He shoulda been watching “Smokey and the Bandit”; he would have learned that you’re supposed to duck when you’re going under a tractor-trailer.