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Tesla Roadster to Mars

Ya gotta love this guy (Elon Musk):


how does 1 rocket release 10 separate satellites? i think each satellite has positioning thrusters to adjust angle/orbit height? sounds like a MRV nuke warhead

There is a dispenser that releases each spacecraft when told to do so.

I want to know how they will attach the payload adapter to the Roadster. This is a ring that attaches to the top stage of the rocket and has to hold the payload in place long enough to survive the launch and ascent. That’s a whole lot of shaking for a couple hundred seconds.

Musk is reputed to have asked what the most outrageous, ridiculous payload could be for the Mars project. The Roadster was the answer.

Big Falcon Rocket. Yeah, that’s the first thing that came to mind when they came up with the BFR acronym. I’m absolutely positive. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Are you guys serious? We’ve put men on the moon, sent Voyager to the outermost edges of the solar system, landed a probe on Mars, and have a space station in orbit around the Earth, have had weaponry with multiple warheads for decades, have drones that can be flown with precision to foreign targets thousands of miles away, and you’re wondering how they can attach a payload with multiple heads to a spacecraft?

I’d LOVE to be involved in a project like this. In the late '70s I was involved in the design of a control system for the Cruise Missile, and in the '80s I was involved in the design of hardware to go in the Space Shuttle to perform atmospheric analysis, and I enjoyed both projects immensely. I was younger then, and lack the “chops” to do this kind of thing anymore, but the memories of having done so are rich ones.


I looked for a PAF on the internet and this image of the Roadster ready for encapsulation was there. I won’t apologize for asking a question. I expressed curiosity as to how it would be done, and now I know. I also won’t let people that don’t like me asking questions get me down. Merry Christmas, @the_same_mountainbike. I hope you have a great time the next few days and get to see or talk to your family.

Thanks Jt. The same back at you.
Merry Christmas to all.


Here’s the flight configuration. Maybe.

I love it!

Satellites are a lot smaller than they used to be and work better. Headlights are huge and work a lot worse.