Terrible vibration between 72-77mph

Hello. Vehicle in question is a 2007 GMC Yukon XL 4x4 5.3

I recently did work on my truck and now there’s a terrible vibration (not to be confused with a shake) at about 72mph-77mph. Outside of that range, it drives fine.

The work I did… replaced u-joints. While drive shaft was out I replaced rear seal on transfer case. During the process of replacing seal, I noticed transfer case fluid was black so I drained and filled with new transfer case fluid. Replaced front right half shaft. This is all the work I did between the ‘before & after’ of the vibration.

Any feedback would great. Thanks for reading.

Did you replace the drive shaft back in the same orientation it was before if so it may be needed to taken shop to get balanced.


Thanks for the reply. I did not mark the shaft unfortunately so it’s likely in a different position, however, I’ve read that with my truck it doesn’t matter. I may just remove it, rotate it and put it back in. See if that changes anything. But the vibration is only between 72-77mph which is odd.

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Does it happen if you leave it in d3? Overdrive issue?

It’s just in regular drive. Haven’t tried it in any other gear. I’ll try tomorrow. Thanks

couple of years back I replaced U-joints on my Pathfinder and I’ve got quite a bad vibration around 60-70 MPH

I removed the shaft and started re-checking everything, when I noticed that one of the cups was pressed in visually deeper than another when looking on it from the inside, on outside they were the same

I checked if stopper rings were properly installed and snug and if cups were pressed against rings, and they were

then I removed the joint and cups under question and measured them with a caliper, and it was something like 1 mm difference in their size, which is huge in the terms of precision needed there to balance properly

this join was also “overly stiff”, confirming the issue

U-joints were AC-Delco from RockAuto, not some garbage

I filed warranty case with RockAuto and they sent me replacement joint quite fast, after reassembly everything was just fine

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