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Tensioner release...?

Replaced the water pump on a 2004 Dodge Stratus with a 2.7 D.O.C V/6. Pushed the tensioner end back into the tensioner body and reinstalled, how do I get the tensioner end to release? I made mistake of putting back together and now have timing chain noise, I was told that I should have released the tensioner before reinstalling.

I’ve Never Done This, But There Is A Special Tool That Can Be Used

I’ve ordered from Miller SPX Special Tools before. They were very prompt in filling my orders. Click this link and you can see the tool #8186:

I don’t think this rocket science and there may be a work-around if you don’t want to get the tool.

You are supposed to take the tensioner out of the tensioner housing. That tensioner has oil in it and has a check-ball in the business end that gets depressed by the little pin on the special tool.

My Chrysler manual cautions against not properly resetting the tensioner as jamming can result. They say that, “The tensioner body must be bottom against the top edge of special tool 8186” (?) That is the correct language. Does that make sense to you?

After the tensioner is installed you are supposed to rotate the engine slightly clockwise to take the slack out of the chain and then use a flat bladed pry tool to gently pry the tensioner arm towards the tensioner slightly and release it. Verify the tensioner is armed (extends).

I wish I could be more helpful.