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Temporary tire interchangeable with another make?

I just bought a lovely used 2006 Toyota Prius Hatchback. It did not come with a temporary tire. I am junking my 1996 Mazda protégé and am wondering if that temporary tire will work with the Prius. I cannot find specs in the Toyota owner4s manual for the temp tire but the Mazda temp tire still has its numbers visible.


Attached is a link to a cross reference chart for wheel bolt patterns. The chart will tell you if it’s interchangeable.

You could just try it and see if it fits and you will know for sure.

It appears the Prius has 5 lug wheels and the Mazda 4 lug so there is no chance of fitting.

The Prius should have a tire size label in the drivers door jam showing the temporary spare size, this will aid in finding the correct diameter but not with bolt pattern.

Since it won’t work, you might buy a used one at a junk yard, or buy a new wheel on line and then a tire to fit. Is there a spare well to fit a spare tire? If so, make sure the wheel/tire fit into it. If you are lucky, the spare well might accommodate a full size spare.

I haven’t looked at the spare in a while but I thought it had a number of holes in it for use on different bolt patterns? To me the important part would be the diameter. We are talking about the space saver spare aren’t we?

“I thought it had a number of holes in it for use on different bolt patterns?”

Don’t believe I’ve ever seen a spare that fit that description

Must have been my imagination then. Looked at a bunch of pictures and they all just have the standard bolt holes. Must have been all the vent holes. I guess I’d just try to get the right one from a junk yard. I think they are only $10-20. Around here they are used for the wheels for boat docks but there really isn’t much of a market for them.


You sure you weren’t thinking of aftermarket alloy rims?

I’ve seen a few with 2 sets of mounting holes :neutral:

Check your local salvage yard. In big cities there will be yards that specialize in Toyotas. Pick up a tire and wheel. They will probably have one in new condition…

+1 @Caddyman