Tempermental radio

My radio works only intermittently. It may pop on a minute or so after starting the car, it may come on immediately or it may not come on and the digital display does not even light. What is strange is that the clock appears to be keeping time even when nothing appears to be working. It may work for a day or two then not work for a day or two. I have pulled it out of the dash to check connections in the back and they appear to be okay. I find this rather baffling. It is a Ford Ranger with a factory installed radio

It’s not worth getting fixed. You can get a better radio installed for less than the cost of sending this one out for repairs. Check ‘Best Buy’ or any other local aftermarket radio store. There is great info on replacement radios at www.crutchfield.com

I am in agreement with BustedKnuckles. It’s just not worth it anymore to get radios repaired.

If you want to keep the dash in factory condition, you can get one from a yard for very little money. Heck, you could even (maybe) upgrade it at the same time. Having said that, I wouldn’t rely on it lasting forever.

If you don’t care about the “original” look, get an aftermarket and an install kit. You don’t even have to cut wires anymore.

I agree with what everyone else has said. I’d also say that there’s 2 power connections to the radio–one maintains the clock and memory for the station presets, and one provides the main power. You may have a faulty connection with the main power lead, but most likely the radio has an internal fault. If you can easily pull the radio out of the dash, wiggle all the wires behind it to see if it cuts in and out.

If you replace it, I’d recommend Crutchfield.com as others have said, or since there’s like millions of these vehicles out there, you can always try ebay or a junkyard for a factory replacement.